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If you’re struggling with stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond well to diet or exercise then truSculpt body contouring in Perth could offer you an outstanding and lasting solution for reducing your unwanted bulges.

Additionally, frequent weight loss and weight gain (or pregnancy) can result in skin laxity in areas such as the face, stomach, buttocks, arms and thighs. Having undesirable loose skin can impact your self-confidence and detract from your appearance. Body contouring and skin-tightening procedures such as truSculpt can help align your outward appearance with how youthful and attractive you feel on the inside.

The great news is that truSculpt available at Restoration Clinic is a proven technology that can reduce unwanted fat and simultaneously help you tighten loose skin. This non-invasive procedure is also ideal for improving skin laxity following weight loss. Once you’ve reached your weight reduction goals you can then take the next step in achieving the beautiful skin and body you desire.

truSculpt can help you achieve smoother curves and contours. A few sessions may give you the confidence to wear a bikini again and maybe even fit into that little black dress hidden at the back of the closet. Sculpting, shaping and tightening your body can make your favourite clothes look more flattering and allow you to look and feel your absolute best. Our team of body contouring experts in Perth at Restoration Clinic are here to guide you every step of the way.

What is truSculpt iD exactly?

truSculpt is a non-surgical treatment that reduces body fat using innovative monopolar radiofrequency technology. It can be performed on most areas of the body and is suitable for all body shapes and sizes. Patients who come in for treatment are always happy to learn that truSculpt body contouring in Perth is extremely comfortable, with minimal downtime.

The revolutionary truSculpt ID treatment has been clinically proven to destroy fat cells in as little as one 15-minute session and is completely tailored to your individual needs. As with all of our services, we invite you to schedule a consultation for body contouring with our experts here at Restoration Clinic in Perth.

What to Expect during your Consultation for Body Contouring in Perth?

If you have any questions about body contouring in Perth our doctors and technicians will be happy to address all your concerns before treatment. During your consultation you’ll receive detailed information about our procedures and what kind of results you can expect. We’ll do a professional assessment of the target area so we can determine if truSculpt is right for you. Following your assessment we will create a customised treatment strategy to contour and reshape your body.

How the Body Contouring Treatment in our Mt Hawthorn clinic works?

Looking leaner and firmer has been completely revolutionised by the truSculpt ID technology. Unlike traditional surgical procedures such as liposuction, this method is completely non-invasive and offers a stress-free, relatively painless experience for patients. Treatments are performed using small devices that emit monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy. RF heat works to reduce bulges in multiple regions of the body at the same time, with minimal pain or discomfort.
truSculpt delivers heat to targeted fatty deposits while maintaining a warm but lower temperature on the skin’s surface. This allows patients to remain comfortable throughout the entire body contouring procedure. Radiofrequency heat penetrates into the subcutaneous tissues, warming up the fat layer to a precisely controlled temperature. Selective fat cells are irreversibly damaged, causing them to rupture and eventually be eliminated by the body over a 12-16 week period. The fat destruction from truSculpt ID is permanent. Once the fat cells have been removed those particular ones will never return. Of course in order to maintain the shape you want, diet and exercise are important.

What are the Benefits of Body contouring in Perth with truSculpt

● Non-invasive
● No needles
● No anaesthetic necessary
● Minimal downtime
● No medication
● Lasting fat loss
● Treatment takes just 15 minutes

How many sessions will I need for this Body contouring treatment in Perth?

The number of treatments necessary to achieve your desired results will depend on the target area and the level of reduction desired. Subsequent treatments are performed three months apart to give your body time to eliminate the dead fat cells. Since it can take up to 12-16 weeks to see the final results, we recommend waiting a minimum of 12 weeks before deciding whether to have additional treatments to the same area.

truSculpt can be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle and exercise program. It’s another option available to help you further enhance your physical appearance. If you’re ready to embrace a beautifully sculpted body and firmer skin then give us a call on (08) 9025 3218 to book your body contouring appointment.


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