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skin tightening perth
skin tightening perth

Skin Tightening in Perth – Non-Invasive Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening For the Body and Face

It’s a sad fact of life that as we age our skin starts to lose its elasticity and begins to wrinkle or look stretched. Other factors like weight loss and pregnancy can also lead to sagging skin and irksome stretch marks. If you’d like to improve your appearance by getting rid of those stubborn folds of skin, then talk to us about skin tightening in Perth.

Non-surgical skin tightening treatment in Perth is a cosmetic treatment designed to improve the appearance of your face and body and is less invasive than surgical or other non-surgical options such as ablative laser therapy.

Using a couple of revolutionary pieces of equipment known as Tempsure and Potenza, this long-wave therapeutic device targets areas of the skin shrinking away existing collagen and tightening up the area. With Tempsure the top surface of the skin remains completely undamaged so great results can be achieved with little or no discomfort during treatment and zero downtime.

Potenza uses extremely fine needles that only penetrate the skin for milliseconds in order to deliver energy to the dermal layer and tighten the skin from underneath. This can cause a bit of temporary redness but involves extremely minimal intervention with very little downtime, and the redness can easily be covered with our luxurious medical cover foundations.

Want to know more about skin tightening at our Perth clinic?

Skin Tightening Treatment, Perth – What is it Exactly?

In simplistic terms, skin tightening treatment at our Perth clinic involves the use of longwave RF (radio frequency) to tighten sagging skin on the face, neck, or body using a handheld therapeutic device. TempSure does this without any skin penetration while the more powerful Potenza does penetrate the skin but only superficially.

These RF waves can be focused through the handpiece to target deeper layers of skin tissue without disrupting the outer skin (the epidermis.) As the layers are heated, the collagen within shrinks. This encourages newer collagen, elastin and fibroblasts to grow in greater quantities and within a few weeks, fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite and loose skin are reduced leaving skin that is smoother, taught and more youthful in appearance.

How RF skin tightening in Perth works

At the Restoration Clinic, we offer a variety of treatments to tighten skin but TempSure is one of the most popular and not without good reason.

Designed to direct precisely controlled radio waves down into the dermal layer, Temspure maintains the exact temperature needed to shrink underlying collagen without causing any damage to the surface area of the skin. The gentle heat created causes the right amount of micro-thermal damage thus encouraging collagen and fibroblasts to repair and replicate in a more prolific manner. The result is tighter, healthier-looking skin. Patients typically feel no discomfort, just a slight warm sensation in and around the area being targeted and because the skin isn’t harmed in any way, there is little or no downtime.

For ageing skin on the face, especially around the eyes, on the hands and on the decolletage, TempSure treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Both Tempsure and Potenza tighten sagging skin giving a refreshed and lifted appearance. Tempsure Flex and Potenza can also tighten loose skin on the body over a series of treatments.

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Tightening the skin can make the world of difference to its appearance, and good skin tightening treatment gives the illusion of fat removal and muscle tightening because it holds all the underlying tissues in nicely to give a more youthful appearance.

Are you ready for Tempsure and Potenza treatment? Our technicians are standing by to answer any questions you might have. Simply give us a call and we’ll book you in for a consultation.

As there is little to no downtime, treatments can easily be slotted into a lunch hour so you can go back to work feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and youthful.

skin tightening treatment perth

Skin tightening at our Perth Clinic – FAQs

Is skin tightening treatment in Perth available for everyone?

TempSure and Potenza RF treatment works on people of all skin types and all ages. People with sensitive skin may see a slight ‘flushed’ appearance immediately after treatment but this should quickly dissipate allowing them to respond normally to treatment. If a patient has broken skin such as in the case of uncontrolled acne, then it might not be a good idea to undergo RF treatment until the condition is brought back under control.

Will I see immediate results and How long does RF skin tightening treatment last?

Patients typically see noticeable results immediately after TempSure and Potenza Radio-Frequency treatment. The majority of patients witness a renewed skin tone and a tighter-looking appearance after just one session. The Potenza is more powerful than the Tempsure with more dramatic results after fewer treatments. Despite this, results should continue to improve as new collagen starts to form. Here at the Restoration Clinic, we suggest an initial 3 treatments spread out over monthly intervals to kickstart the process. After this, simple maintenance treatments once or twice a year should be sufficient to stave off the effects of ageing. The number of treatments you will need for any given problem will depend on the extent of the problem and your ability to generate collagen. At Restoration Clinic we often give patients additional supplements to increase their response to collagen generating treatments. These supplements are also as good as stand-alone skin treatments.

How safe is skin tightening treatment in Perth?

Our trained team of medical professionals have carried out many skin tightening procedures and give the utmost importance to patient safety. Although Radio-frequency skin tightening treatment is very safe we always consult with patients first to ensure that they remain good candidates. If you have extremely hypersensitive skin or have areas of broken skin for example, then our clinicians may suggest other treatments which deliver similar results.

Why should I undergo RF skin tightening treatment instead of simply adopting a good skincare routine?

While most skin-care cosmeceuticals work to improve the quality of the skin through rehydration, stimulation and rejuvenation, they don’t actually tighten skin as Radio-frequency skin treatment does. For best results, patients should consider undergoing regular treatment with TempSure or Potenza alongside a good skincare routine.

Does skin tightening work well on the body?

Skin tightening on the skin on the body, such as areas with cellulite, or post-baby belly, or after significant weight loss, is best done with the more powerful Potenza and can show remarkable results after very few treatments. Even very saggy skin can be helped if enough treatments are done, and every little bit of skin tightening improves the quality and appearance of the skin anywhere on the body.

How should I look after my skin after RF treatment - what’s the follow-up care?

Immediately after Radio-frequency treatment patients should be moisturising the area using neutral products. Look to avoid aggressive cosmeceuticals particularly in the first few weeks after treatment and protect the skin from sun, heat and any chemicals.

Can Skin Tightening Treatment work equally on men as it does women?

Absolutely! The only factor to bear in mind is that men have thicker skin than women (usually by around 25%) and the upside is they generally have less obvious wrinkling. As a result, a man may need a few more sessions to elicit a similar response to treatment. The thinner the skin, the more immediate the outcome, but the thinner the skin the sooner it wrinkles so all in all everyone gets the level of benefit that goes with their skin type.

Is it important to stay out of the sun after skin tightening?

Perth residents should be aware that any overexposure to UV rays e.g, from the sun – can cause an overreaction from the area of the skin that has previously been treated. So adequate sun protection is highly important. On some occasions. excess thermal heat may also be a problem, so it might be better to stay out of the sun entirely, rather than relying on sunscreen to provide protection. There is a reason why European people have nicer skin than we do!!!

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