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You’ve been considering lip injection for a while but you have questions. You’re wondering, what is the perfect lip shape for you? In fact, what kinds of lip shapes exist in the first place and is it possible to alter your own lip shape into someone else’s. 

Maybe you’d like the lips of your favourite celebrity. Or you saw the perfect pout in a fashion magazine. Perhaps you’re simply not happy with your smile and you think lip injections can help you look better. Read on to find out how lip injections can give you the lips you’ve always wanted.  


First Let’s Talk Lip Shape

There are round lips, heart-shaped lips, bow-shaped lips and down-turned lips. Then you have a variation of everything in between. Surprisingly, when it comes down to which lip shape is considered most attractive it turns out that shape has little to do with it. It’s actually the ratio between the upper and lower lip which determines what’s pleasing to the human eye. 

According to a new study which surveyed more than 1,000 people from 35 different countries, the most beautiful lips have a 1:1 ratio. It means the upper and lower lips are roughly the same size. It also means the perfect lip shape may be the one you already have. It can be as simple as adjusting your proportions. Keep in mind, however, that beauty trends like this come and go. A well-trained and experienced doctor or injection nurse will use multiple techniques to create a lip shape that best suits your face. Here at Restoration Clinic we routinely help patients achieve the following:


Balance Between Lower and Upper Lip

Lip injections can help you attain that perfect 1: 1 ratio if that’s the look you want. Or we can use it to create a little more balance. For most people the upper lip is smaller than the lower. Sometimes the opposite is true. Whichever scenario describes you, we can use lip filler to correct most asymmetry issues. By adding volume into the fleshy part of the mouth we can give your lips a more balanced and attractive appearance.  


More Pronounced Cupid’s Bow

What is the Cupid’s Bow you ask? It’s the v-shaped area above your top lip. Taylor Swift and Rihanna popularised a more pronounced Cupid’s Bow versus the round, pillowy shape sported by reality star Kylie Jenner. 

To enhance the Cupid’s bow we carefully place lip filler along the “v” of the mouth. This technique accentuates the peaks of the lips and overall shape of the mouth. Another lesser known use for lip injections is augmenting the Philtrum columns. These are the lines that run from the nostrils to the tops of the Cupid’s Bow. By injecting the columns we can create a more pleasing and natural look to the overall mouth.

Definition Around the Vermillion Border

It may have a funny name but injectors take the vermilion border very seriously. It’s the outer edge of the lip and if injected properly it can give your mouth more outward roll and projection. 

What’s great about treating this area is that it can enhance the lips without adding excessive volume.

We don’t need to inject the entire vermillion border either to achieve impressive results. Placing filler along the top part on either side is often sufficient to produce the desired look.


Lip Injections to Shape and Rejuvenate Aging Lips

Lip injections aren’t only for the young. As we age our lips lose volume, definition and start to look dry and wrinkled. Patients over 40 love lip filler because we use it to restore their lips to how they looked 10 years ago. We normally treat all the same areas as with younger patients only the end results is improve hydration, soften lip lines and bring back the patient’s original lip shape.


Not Sure Where to Start?

The most important part of your lip injections process is the consultation. Let’s say you’re not sure what’s the perfect lip shape or size for you. The best way to find out and get comfortable with procedure is to book a personalized assessment with a reputable clinic. 

During your initial appointment ask your injector how they would go about your lip injections and to see before and after photos. This will help you determine if you like their aesthetic and will give you an idea of what’s possible. The best injectors will listen to your concerns and will be up front with you about what you can expect and how much it will cost.


Contact us now at Restoration Clinic in Mt. Hawthorn, Perth to experience this skin treatment: (08) 9025 3218

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