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Lip Injections in Perth.
Get the Lips of Your Dreams.

Lip augmentation with dermal filler has become a highly popular treatment for women across all age groups. Popularised by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner, having full, voluminous lips adds another element of youthful sensuality and vivaciousness to your appearance.

But what if you don’t want Angelina lips? The advantage of a dermal filler is that it can be used for lip rejuvenation in addition to enhancement. As we age, our lips lose volume, definition, projection and start to develop lines (both on the lips and around the mouth). Lip injections can reverse age-related deflation and restore your mouth to how it looked when you were younger.

Restoration Clinic has been offering lip augmentation services for many years. We can help you achieve glamorous lips like your favourite celebrity or simply make them look more youthful. Our doctors will create your desired pout using the most advanced techniques available for lip injections in Perth, Western Australia.

How can lip injections help me?

Our goal at Restoration Clinic is to give you a beautiful-looking mouth that suits your face and desired look. Creating lips that look natural yet stand out is our area of expertise. We can enhance the lip shape you currently have or change it slightly in order to correct an asymmetry and create a more aesthetically pleasing proportion.

A common issue that many of our patients experience is having an upper lip that’s thinner than the bottom one. To address this concern, we can even out the proportions by adding more volume at the top. We can also improve lip definition across the Vermilion border and give the Cupid’s bow more prominence and outward projection. And then there’s enhancement of the lower lip for a really sensuous look. Find out how having lip enhancements in Perth can boost your appearance and self-confidence.

What is the procedure for lip injections?

The first step to creating your desired pout is to sit down with our experienced injector. At Restoration Clinic, all of our injections are carried out by a qualified medical professional.

During your personalised consultation, your injector will ask you what kind of lip shape and size you’re hoping to achieve.

After fully examining your lips, your physician will discuss with you the most suitable strategy to help you attain your aesthetic goals. Finally, after reviewing your medical history to ensure that the treatment is suitable for you, we will proceed with your cosmetic lip enhancements. Perth, the home of Restoration Clinic, is the ideal place to perform your lip enhancement procedure. We offer high quality lip injections in Perth.

Prior to treatment your lips will be disinfected with a medical cleanser and an anaesthetic may be given to prevent pain. The exact number of dermal filler syringes that will be used during your treatment will depend on the level of enhancement you want to achieve. The more volume you desire, the more product is required. Typically one syringe will result in a modest enhancement. For fuller and more voluminous augmentation, up to 2-3 syringes may be used, spaced over several visits. We are happy to discuss the procedure with you in more detail to determine your goals. Lip injections in Perth can help you look and feel your best. Give us a call to book a consultation today.

Will the lip injections be painful and what are the side-effects?

We will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during your visit by administering either topical or injectable anaesthetic. Additionally, the lip fillers contain a local anaesthetic that freezes the surrounding tissue as it’s being injected, adding another level of pain relief.

After your treatment, your lips may be a little swollen. The swelling normally subsides within 48 hours at which point you’ll be able to see the final augmentation results. Bruising of the lips is very rare at our clinic. However, if you have a special occasion planned, it’s recommended to schedule your appointment at least 2-4 weeks in advance.

To ensure the highest levels of safety and the most aesthetically pleasing outcomes, the person performing your lip injections in Mt Hawthorn should be an experienced and qualified medical professional. There are many clinics that perform lip injections in Perth; however, our experienced clinicians understand facial anatomy and how to give you the most beautiful and natural-looking lips possible.

Keep in mind that resorbable lip fillers can be easily dissolved with an enzyme. In the event that you’re not happy with the results or your doctor needs to reverse your lip filler for any reason, the dissolving agent is always available on hand.

How much cosmetic filler should I have injected into my lips?

At Restoration Clinic, our philosophy is “less is more.” Going from small to voluminous lips cannot always be achieved in one appointment. We’d rather start with one or two syringes during your first visit and administer additional lip injections over several sessions. This will give your lips time to get adjusted and be able to accommodate more filler. If you don’t want your lip augmentation to be obvious to everyone around you, then slowly building volume over time is a good strategy.

Make your appointment for lip augmentation today

Restoration Clinic is your go to clinic for lip enhancement and other anti-ageing treatments for face and body at a reasonable cost. Your happiness and satisfaction are our main concern which is why we only use fully qualified medical professionals for your lip injections in our Perth clinic.

To schedule an appointment and discuss the cost of your lip enhancement, contact us at (08) 9025 3218 . We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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