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People who are continually sick with infections are likely experiencing long-term stress. Stress affects the whole body and the immune system is particularly affected by chronic low-grade stress. In fact, stress-related problems are the root cause of 75-90 percent of doctor visits.

Most people today associate stress with worry, but stress has a much broader meaning to your body. Patients may not realize how much stress their bodies are actually experiencing. Any kind of change, whether it be emotional, physical, environmental, hormonal or illness-related can be stressful to your body. Just generally striving too hard on a daily basis takes a physiological toll.

effects stress making sick restoration clinic blogEven positive events can be enough of a disruption to your system to cause stress, and this manifests as a change in sleep patterns, fatigue, anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life and multiple aches and pains.

Stress has been shown to slow wound healing and increase infection risk, and it disrupts the body’s equilibrium, which significantly impairs its ability to control and eradicate bacterial infection during wound healing.

So, how do you reduce the effects stress?

The effect of stress on your biochemistry can be reduced by taking supplements that contain everything you need to make cortisol, which is the body’s answer to stress.

At Restoration Clinic, we take a holistic approach as we know that we can’t get you in the best possible shape without starting on the inside and considering how you feel. Talk to us about stress and Adrenal Fatigue, and if you need support through stressful times or treatment for exhaustion or lack of motivation, we have many different types of non-drug treatments that will help, most of them practitioner only vitamins or herbs that won’t cause dependence or addiction and improve how you feel rapidly.

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