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Restoration Clinic has been monitoring the situation with Covid-19 and adjusting our practices accordingly.

At present, Restoration Clinic staff do not have any documented nor suspected cases and any staff member who is not completely well will not be in attendance at the clinic.

With our very small team, we are finding it easy to comply with the new recommendations for hygiene and safety.

Everyone is advised to limit contact with anyone who has recently traveled within the last two weeks, to avoid air travel and airports and to avoid mass gatherings.

If anyone does have contact with someone suspected of or confirmed as having COVID-19 they must self-isolate for 14 days after the last contact with that person.

Any person who develops any respiratory symptoms should avoid contact with other people and not go to public places.

If you are unwell we would be very happy to reschedule your appointment and no cancellation fees will apply.

We will be adhering to Australian Government guidelines regarding best practice in relation to the pandemic with the understanding that these precautions will be fluid.

The surgery has hand sanitiser and other cleaning products and plenty of disposable gloves for patients who would feel more comfortable wearing gloves before touching anything in the surgery.

Any therapeutic instrument that can come in contact with patients is sterilised with alcohol or disposed of, and all our staff are following recommendations to minimise social contact both at work and at home.

With your health and safety and ours in mind we are keeping the workplace as sanitized as possible and intend to continue delivering high quality services to our patients through these difficult and uncertain times.

Dr Kit, Galit, Sue and Anna

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