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So you want to build muscle and get a leaner and more sculpted body? You’re in luck! Muscle gain and getting ripped doesn’t have to be overly complicated or require a visit to the gym every single day. Whether you’re a man or a woman, success at muscle building does mean adhering to some basic guidelines, however. Here are five of them: 


To build muscle, set goals and have realistic expectations 

Every objective in life needs an action plan. To build muscle is no different. Start with deciding on what kind of body shape you’d like to achieve and create a workout strategy around it. For example, if you’re thin already and your focus is on how to build muscle, your routine may be different than someone with 15-20 lbs to drop on top of muscle building.    

A general rule of thumb for how to build muscle is to understand your limitations. The amount of new muscle your body can gain – in other words how big you can get – is determined by genetics and the size of your frame. If your skeleton is compact or petite, it may be difficult to achieve the same muscle mass as someone who is built bigger than you. 


Commit to a regular weight training schedule and stick with it

Motivating yourself to get to the gym is half the battle. The good news is that both men and women build muscle the exact same way; it’s accomplished by using heavyweight progression and working out as little as two-three days a week. This means you don’t have to go to the gym every day, just regularly. A weekly routine will ensure slow and steady results. 

If you’re just starting out, you can gain a couple of inches of muscle on your arms or legs in just 90 days. If you stick with it, you’ll notice additional muscle gain after another two-three months. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Hire a professional – a weight trainer can show you correct moves and techniques, and how to build muscle properly. If budget is a concern, you don’t have to work out with a trainer long-term. One or two sessions is all you need to learn some muscle-building exercises that you can do on your own.
  • Get a workout buddy – it’s much easier to stay motivated and build muscle when there’s someone holding you accountable. Everyone has days when they’d rather sleep in on the weekend or go to happy hour instead of the gym. Some friendly competition between friends or colleagues will give you the inspiration you need to stay on top of your workout schedule.
  • Don’t have time to go to the gym? Workout from home – remember, to build muscle requires only one-hour session three times per week. You can easily do weight training exercises from home anytime. There are plenty of instructional videos available to help guide your workout.

Do cardio the right way

Numerous studies confirm that excessive cardio (and the wrong kind), done at the wrong time, can negatively impact your muscle gain and prevent you from maximising your muscle-building potential. That’s because your body requires a lot of energy resources to build muscle. Too much cardio siphons some of that energy away. In fact, if you normally do three 20-30-minute cardio sessions per week or more, you may want to reconsider your strategy.

If you choose to do cardio for its heart-health benefits, slight modifications can help you build muscle without negating your muscle growth. Contrary to popular belief, the best time to do cardio is after your workout, not before. Also, high-impact cardio such as running should be avoided and replaced with low impact options such as elliptical training. Also, consider doing cardio on different days than your weight training exercise.


Make sure to meet your nutritional needs

Getting your pre- and post-workout nutrition (particularly protein) is very important if your goal is to build muscle. Professional bodybuilders know that incorporating protein and carb shakes into their workout routine delivers a boost in calories to help with muscle building and keeping their energy up. 

If you’re just starting out, however, go easy on the amount of protein shakes you consume during a workout to avoid getting indigestion. A drink consisting of approximately 20g protein and 40g carbs should be sufficient to help you with muscle gain and meeting your protein needs.


Sculpt your muscles with truSculpt® flex   

If you’re wondering how to build muscle and sculpt your body outside the gym, you’ll be happy to hear about the latest technology that can help chisel your abs or glutes between weight training sessions. The device is called truSculpt® flex and it uses Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) to achieve muscle gain.

How does it work? truSculpt® flex contours the body and builds muscle by replicating intensified crunches, squats and twisting actions. It can be performed on any part of the body with large muscle groups such as abdominals, buttocks and hamstrings. 

The biggest benefit of truSculpt® flex is that this muscle-building procedure is highly customisable. You can treat up to eight different zones at once in one 45-minute session. Sessions are usually painless, safe and there’s no downtime. Results are backed by science and show that patients who received a series of four treatments increased their muscle mass on average by 30%*. 

Contact us now at Restoration Clinic in Mt. Hawthorn, Perth to learn more about truSculpt® flex: (08) 9025 3218



*Note: Results vary from person to person and additional treatments may be required to achieve and maintain results.

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