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The eye area is extremely important with respect to looks, yet delicate and not tolerant of intervention. Dark circles, bags under the eyes and wrinkles underneath or around them leave people plagued with a tired look. But you can have bright eyes and a refreshed look with a few expertly applied treatments.

There is a dermal filler that has been specially designed for eye circles that can delete those dark circles or hollows with very little trouble. This filler is very soft and delicate and smooths away the hollows without the lumpiness that can often come from fillers in the eye area.

Thickening up the skin will improve a lot of problems around the eyes and that can be done with skin needling with or without addition of growth factors from your own blood or a proprietary source. This technique is gentler than it sounds and leaves only mild redness briefly after treatment. The skin is stimulated to grow collagen and over the ensuing months the covering of all the vessels and lines improves.

To open out the eyes and lift sagging skin off the eyelid the Tempsure radiofrequency laser is particularly effective. The laser stimulates collagen production and tightens the collagen to lift and smooth, leaving you looking more alert and fresher after several treatments each a month apart.

For an even quicker radiofrequency fix, the Potenza machine combines micro needling and radiofrequency in the one device.

If you want help with looking tired but aren’t sure about our laser treatments yet, Restoration Clinic also has a range of effective eye creams and can use neurotoxins on your crowsfeet as required.


Talk to our experienced staff to discuss the approach that is best for you.

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