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The Restoration Clinic – Professional and Affordable Anti-Wrinkle Injections in Perth

The stresses of everyday life can manifest on our face as the signs of ageing. Both happy and negative facial expressions can lead to lines and folds that can deepen as we age. In fact, simply using our facial muscles for laughing, frowning or squinting can contribute to the formation of lines and wrinkles. Continual muscle movement creates ‘dynamic lines’ which appear only when our face is moving. Over time, and without treatment, these fine lines can become ‘static’ which means they become permanently etched into our skin.

Once they have morphed into the static kind, and if they’re particularly deep, lines and wrinkles can be more challenging to eradicate. Anti-wrinkle injections can soften their appearance but they won’t disappear entirely from the first treatment. On the bright side, with regular anti-wrinkle injections, even the deepest, most entrenched static lines will eventually become less noticeable. This can take several years and improvement happens gradually over time. For this reason, prevention is recommended for both women and men to begin their anti-ageing and line prevention strategy as early as their 20’s and 30’s.

What Are Wrinkle Relaxers?

Wrinkle relaxers are pharmaceutical-grade medications created from a natural biological substance. Once the protein has been refined, however, it transforms into a highly versatile substance called a neuromodulator. It can be used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. When injected directly into facial muscles, neuromodulators block the nerve transmissions between cells, stopping the muscles from moving and resulting in “relaxing” or smoothing of lines and wrinkles.

Popular and relatively simple, getting anti-wrinkle injections is quick and economical to enhance your appearance. In fact, you can look more relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed without surgery in less than two weeks. If you’re considering anti-wrinkle injections in Perth, keep in mind that results are temporary and you’ll need to repeat your treatments every 4-6 months to stop the wrinkles from coming back.

How Can Wrinkle Relaxers in Perth Improve My Appearance?

Some of the most frequently requested areas of the face for our anti-wrinkle treatment are the dynamic lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) as well as the forehead and between the brows. Additionally, wrinkle relaxers in Perth can be used to minimise fine lines around the mouth, the nasal folds (bunny lines), to refine the chin and to slim the jawline. Other non-cosmetic application for muscle relaxers include injections under the arms to prevent excess sweating, a condition called hyperhidrosis, and injections into the jaw muscle to reduce teeth grinding.

Restoration Clinic – What to Expect During Your Treatment

Although anti-wrinkle injections are considered non-surgical in nature, for your health and comfort they’re always performed by our qualified doctors in our luxurious Mt Hawthorn clinic. The first step is to come in and meet the team here at Restoration Clinic. During your consultation the doctor will discuss the details of your treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Next, your injector will assess your facial features and aesthetic goals. Based on your concerns they will recommend a course of treatment to help you look more refreshed, radiant and youthful. You’ll also be asked in-depth questions about your medical history, including any medications or supplements you’re currently taking as these can increase your bleeding and bruising risk after or during your procedure.

Once your medical history has been reviewed and you’re cleared for treatment, you can proceed with your neuromodulator injections. In preparation, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and sterilised. If you prefer, a topical numbing cream will be applied to minimise any pain and discomfort but you need to request this ahead of time as it takes 30 – 45 minutes to work.

Downtime is very minimal with anti-wrinkle injections. You may have tiny little red marks at the injection site and these usually clear up after 15-20 minutes. Most people can return to work immediately. Your doctor will advise you on the post-treatment do’s and don’ts.

How Long Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Last?

One neuromodulator treatment typically lasts 3-4 months. If you’ve been getting regular anti-wrinkle injections for several years, your results can last longer over time. The duration of your treatment will depend on:

• The treatment area
• Dosing (number of units)
• Individual response to the anti-wrinkle medication

What Side-Effects Can I Expect?

At Restoration Clinic we use only high quality products from reputable brands. The likelihood of experiencing an adverse event, therefore, is minimal. As with any procedures, medical or cosmetic, the possibility of minor and expected side-effects does exist.

Possible side-effects include bruising at the injection site, minimal swelling and temporary redness. We recommend that you make your appointment several weeks in advance of any special occasions such as wedding or trip, preferably on a day when you don’t have heavy exercise or other strenuous activity planned.

In rare cases, there have been reports of the product causing adverse events such as ptosis. It’s a droopy or ‘heavy’ eyelid very occasionally occurring with neuromodulator injected for frown and forehead lines. Fortunately, this condition is temporary and even less common when post-care instructions are followed carefully. If you choose an experienced anti-wrinkle practitioner, such as one of our team members at Restoration Clinic, you’ll take comfort in knowing that your results will be as consistent as possible.

Who Will Administer My Injections?

At Restoration Clinic all our injections are administered by highly skilled and experienced medical professionals. Anti-wrinkle injections in Perth and the rest of Australia fall under the category of prescription-only medications, so you won’t be able to purchase them without a doctor’s approval. When you visit our cosmetic clinic we’ll create a customised treatment plan to help you address your specific aesthetic goals and concerns.

When you have your anti-wrinkle treatments done at Restoration Clinic in Perth, you’ll be in highly experienced and capable hands. We have been expertly performing non-surgical medical procedures since 1994. Particularly, we’ve performed thousands of anti-wrinkle injections for happy and satisfied patients.

It’s important to note that not all practitioners are qualified to administer anti-wrinkle injections. Lack of sufficient credentials and practical experience can lead to unexpected side-effects and complications. Make sure to select your doctor and clinic as cautiously as you would a surgeon.

How Much Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Cost?

If you want to look youthful for many years to come, then consider anti-wrinkle injections as the well worth investment you can make in your skin. At Restoration Clinic we bring you advanced wrinkle relaxers in Perth with affordable prices and special promotions that will suit your budget.

Anti-wrinkle injections cost depends on the volume of product used and number of areas being treated. The correct dosing or number of neuromodulator units for your treatment is determined by the strength of the muscle. This is multiplied by the number of areas to get the final cost. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your facial enhancement goals. At Restoration Clinic we’ll make sure to come up with a customised treatment plan that fits your needs and your finances.

What other services can I use to complement anti-wrinkle injections?

Our patients are pleased to discover that radiofrequency technology such as Pellevé and TempSure can offer them additional wrinkle reduction by tightening skin and improving laxity issues. Both of these devices use heat to ‘shrink’ collagen fibres deep in the dermis, helping to boost collagen synthesis and increasing skin firmness. By combining anti-wrinkle injections with radiofrequency, patients can prevent and even reverse facial lines and enjoy smoother skin overall. Furthermore, tempSure Vitalia is an extension of the TempSure primary technology which can be used for vaginal health to improve tightening both internally and externally.

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Restoration Clinic offers advanced anti-ageing treatments and anti-wrinkle injections. Our professional team is happy to offer affordable and convenient services and treatments. You’ll love your results and we plan on you leaving each appointment looking and feeling your best. To schedule a consultation contact us on (08) 9025 3218 , we are looking forward to hearing from you.


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